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Summer Holidays Week 5: Weapons and War

10.30am – 3.30pm

With a different craft activity every day we have something for everyone this summer!

Monday 28 August (Bank Holiday): Awesome Armour
Arm yourself for a Viking raid and fashion your own armour using cardboard, foil and creativity!

Tuesday 29 August: Horned Helmets
Did you know that Vikings never actually had horns on their helmets? Well we’re going to make them anyway because it’s the best style for looking like your favourite fictional Viking.

Wednesday 30 August: Bows and Arrows
No Viking would be complete without a bow and arrow. Create your own using garden canes, wool and string.

Thursday 31 August: Arm Yourself with an Axe!
A true weapon of choice for Viking warriors. Craft your own axe using tubes, foil and jewels.

Friday 1 September: Runestone Plaques
Discover the meanings of runes as you carve your name into clay.

Saturday 2 September: Viking Warriors
Bring your own Viking to life and make a giant puppet warrior to walk around the museum with you.

£2  per activity | Under 2s free | Drop in


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