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Summer Holidays Week 4: Viking Crafts

10.30am – 3.30pm

With a different craft activity every day we have something for everyone this summer!

Monday 21st August: Stick Loom Weaving
Get in touch with your rustic side as you pick up sticks and learn to weave with wool for this craft creation.

Tuesday 22nd August: Viking Coins
Forge your own riches and make some money with the crafty coin activity.

Wednesday 23rd August: Trollen Wheel Weaving
A true art of the Vikings, make a braided bracelet with this traditional method of trollen wheel weaving.

Thursday 24th August: Clay Pots
Craft a storage pot out of clay and bedeck it with jewels to truly impress those who bestow a visit to your Viking hut.

Friday 25th August: Creative Carving
Test your carving skills with a child friendly twist as you forge patterns into blocks of soap using plastic tools and toothpicks.

Saturday 26th August: Jewellery Making
Enrich your clothes with brooches and belts and make yourself look like a true Viking leader.

£2  per activity, under 2s free
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